The Only Bible Some People May Ever Read is You!

The Only Bible some will ever experience is a Christian. This site was created to provide encouragement and teach ways to become a more complete follower of Christ. Are you prepared to be The Only Bible?

I have encountered people who aren't familiar with more than one or two passages of God's word. Statistics show less than half of church going believers have studied the entire Bible.

Join us as we look at the teachings of Jesus and learn what it is to follow the word of God.

The Only Bible some will read is a Christian

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I'm  Trey Murray

I received training in Evangelism Explosion, a tool used to help minister to people and introduce them to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. I focus my writing talents on lessons for the life group I lead. I utilize my life experience and draw from years of experience both in and out of Faith in God. Learn more about me at

Trey Murray

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