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You Are The Only Bible Some Ever Read

If you are a true follower of Christ, you may be the only Bible someone may ever read. We are called to live out our faith and not merely memorize or read scripture. To live like Christ, you must become more aware of who Jesus was on Earth, what he did, and what he said. Three keys to going dee[er in your faith in Christ are studying the Bible, praying, and growing spiritually.

As you read through this site, you will find resources and articles on how you can improve these three areas of your spiritual life. This stie is designed to help you grow in your personal relationship with Jesus, and spread his message with everyone you encounter. Remember, no matter where you are or who you meet, you are the only Bible people may ever read! square logo

Spiritual Growth

Woman hiding under covers with fear and no faith
Trey Murray

How to Overcome Fear with Faith in God

It’s normal to experience fear in life, but you shouldn’t allow it to control you. Learn what the Bible says about how to overcome fear with faith in God!

Bible Study

Read the Bible daily anywhere - even in a park
Trey Murray

What happens when you read the Bible daily?

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. It has been translated into more than 2500 languages and sold billions of copies. The importance of the Bible cannot be understated. The Bible has shaped what we believe, what we do, what we say, what art looks like, what music sounds like, how governments are

Bible study tools
Trey Murray

Best Online Bible Study Tools

You may realize you lack Bible study tools. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to growing with God is knowing where to go to learn more about the Bible.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Trey Murray

Why You Need to Forgive and Reconcile Now

We know that we are called to forgive others, but does that forgiveness include reconciliation? What does the Bible say about forgiveness and reconciliation?


Some sample prayers for restoration
Trey Murray

Prayers for Restoration: 5 Inspiring Ideas and Inspiration

Prayers for restoration are powerful tools that enable us to communicate with God and ask for help When we are going through difficult times, prayer can be an important part of the healing process. There are many types of these prayers: addiction recovery, mind, health, family, friendships, etc. This post will answer several questions about

Prayer and Fasting Scripture - What does it say?
Trey Murray

Does Jesus Command Christians to Fast When They Pray? Read Prayer and Fasting Scripture

Prayer and fasting scripture has been hotly debated for centuries. As a Christian, prayer is an important part of your life to help you grow closer to God. Fasting prayer may be even more powerful as it requires the person praying to humble themselves, letting go of the world to focus on the creator who meets their needs. Prayer and Fasting in The Word In the

Does prayer work? Woman earnestly praying in church
Trey Murray

Does Prayer Work? How Can It Work For You?

What does the Bible say about prayer and its effectiveness? Does prayer work? At times, we pray and ask for God’s help or his provision, and there’s no answer. It can seem that other people have a direct line to God, and their every prayer request is fulfilled, but not ours. What gives? It is

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