You Are The Only Bible Some People May Ever Read

This site was created around the idea that if you are a believer in Christ, you are the only bible some people may ever read. The lessons here are designed to help you stay true to your beliefs in your personal life, at work, and online.

Some people you may encounter have never read more than one or two passages out of the Bible. Statistics show less than half of people who identify as Christians have read the entire Bible.

Join us as we look at the teachings of Jesus and learn what it is to follow the word of God.

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I'm  Trey Murray

​I received training in Evangelism Explosion, a tool used to help minister to people and introduce them to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. ​I focus ​my writing talents on lessons for ​the life group I lead. ​I utilize ​my life experience and draw from years of experience both in and out of Faith in God. Learn more about ​me at

Trey Murray

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