Five Effective Bible Study Methods

Effective Bible Study Methods For Christians

There are many different Bible study methods people use to dig into God’s word. From SOAPS to SWORD method and many other study structures, I list here 5 basic structures to help you learn how to study the Bible on a more consistent basis.

Studying the Bible by Books

Choosing to study the Bible by selecting a book and reading through it can be a daunting task. This usually requires Bible tools such as Logos Bible Software, or some similar online Biblical encyclopedia. It is especially important for those who have never completed a book study without the help of a guide or group studying the Bible together.

That is not to say it cannot be done, but there are a great many pitfalls you should be aware of if you are studying the Bible by choosing a book. The first is that you should pay attention to any notes and cross references in the margin or footer. These will help you understand the verse and put it in context.

Context is the most important part of understanding the Bible. There are any number of Bible study tools available to help you through a Bible book study.

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Studying the Bible through Biography

Another Bible study method is to study a person from the Bible. There are any number of biographies on many of the people mentioned in the Bible. There are numerous on the most well known such as Paul, John, Matthew, or Peter. There have even been some written on lesser known like Rahab or Martha.

If you choose to do a biographical Bible study, I recommend reading a biography that references scripture about the person you choose to study.

Keep in mind whoever you choose to study lived at a certain time in history, so some of what they did or encountered may be better understood by studying the culture for the time they lived.

Studying the Bible by Topic

Resources for Biblical topics are quite easy to find when you search for them on Google. Information on Bible topics are readily available. Just remember to check what you read against what Jesus says in the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Corinthians, or Revelation.

It doesn’t matter if the topical study brings you to the Old Testament or the New Testament, the lesson you take from the Good Book should agree with the teachings of Jesus.

This Bible Study method is one of the most frequently used and is one of the most effective. I use it often when I teach the small group at my church.

Studying the Bible by Words

This Bible study method will almost certainly require external Bible tools. If you have little to no experience with reading Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic, doing a word study can be nearly impossible. Again, I use Logos Bible Software for this, but even an extensive Google search can give some idea of word meanings.

Word study is one of the most difficult methods of studying the Bible. it requires extensive study and time ensuring that the passage you are reading has been translated correctly. For example, the English language is different in many different countries. People in Britain, Australia, and the United States all have different colloquialisms that people outside of their country would struggle to understand.

Using a Bible tool is almost required for any productive word study. Even the Logos free version allows you to conduct word searches on any given verse within the Bible.I highly recommend using it if you are looking to do a word Bible study.

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Studying the Bible as Literature

You likely won’t find this plan in many other guides on another website. In fact, before I took a class in college (Bible as Literature), For this plan you should use the King James translation or the New King James Version of the Bible. These two English translations of the Bible are written in a more poetic fashion and can be more appreciated for its literary value.

In my personal experience, this is an enjoyable way to study for a Christian of any experience. The Old Testament books of Psalms, Proverbs, and Song of Solomon all read very richly in these versions.

While you may not get deep into the theology of the Bible or it’s topics, you may find it more entertaining and enjoyable to read. Just know you should really move past this type of study and toward one of the previous types to grow your faith and dig deep into a lasting relationship with God.

In Conclusion

I pray that you will find one ore more of these Bible study methods to help you grow deeper by reading scripture daily. Choose any of the five types above to start, but I would encourage you to try them all over time and maybe mix them up from time to time and get a few nice tours though the Bible.

However you decide to study, the important thing is to start and maintain a daily Bible study. You can do it, I am praying for you.

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