Does Prayer Work? How Can It Work For You?

Does prayer work? Woman earnestly praying in church

What does the Bible say about prayer and its effectiveness?

Does prayer work? At times, we pray and ask for God’s help or his provision, and there’s no answer. It can seem that other people have a direct line to God, and their every prayer request is fulfilled, but not ours. What gives?

It is hard to comprehend why God chooses to answer some prayer, and seemingly not answer others. People from all cultures and walks of life, regardless of faith or lack thereof, pray for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s because they are in desperate need, while other times it may be out of habit. It’s important to understand what the Bible says about prayer before you make any assumptions on its effectiveness.This article will explore different aspects related to how Christians should approach prayer and why it is so important in their lives. For example, do you know why Jesus taught his disciples how to pray? Or when he said “your Father knows what things you need before you ask him?” (Matthew 6:8)

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What are some tips for praying effectively?

I’ve been in your shoes, wondering what to pray for and how to do it. It’s tough when you’re not sure where to start or what God wants from you. But don’t worry! I’ll share some tips that will make praying easier and more effective. Let’s get started!

  • Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable with God: You’ll never know if He can help unless you ask Him.
  • Take a moment before prayer time: Prayer is one of the few times where we are given time by our Creator to think about what we want to say so take a minute beforehand and prepare yourself mentally as well as spiritually for this conversation with your Father.
  • Pray often: There is power in consistency so be sure to pray at least once a day. A good tip is to try to pray at meal times. For most of us, that will be three times a day.

How can I pray more often without feeling like it’s a chore or obligation?

I know it’s hard to pray every day. I get up, take a shower, eat breakfast, go to work… It’s just one of those things you do everyday and sometimes it can feel like prayer is just another thing on your list that you don’t want to do. But the truth is that if we want our faith in God to grow and be strong then we need to have a relationship with Him through prayer.

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with this. Prayer is an important part of my life and yet it can be so hard to make time for it. So how do we make time to pray? Here are some tips:

  • Set a goal of praying before bed each night and try to stick to it! That way you will have prayed once every day without even trying.
  • Find a prayer partner or group that meets regularly in your area who might want to pray together over the phone or through video chat like Zoom.
  • Start with just 15 minutes a day and see if you can work up from there as time goes by! You’ll feel better about yourself after doing something small than not having tried at all.
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Why is it important to have faith in God when you pray?

It is easy to pray without faith in God. We can pray and ask for help with a problem, or we may even just say “thank you” when it’s not really prayer at all. But if we want to see the power of prayer work in our lives, then we need to have faith that God will hear us and answer our prayers. When we pray with faith, our prayers are more effective than if they were said without any belief in what is being asked for.

I mean, what’s the point of praying if God is just going to ignore it? If your prayer doesn’t matter, why even bother? Well I’m here to tell you that your prayers do matter. Your faith in God has the power to change things – and not just for yourself! What good would it be if we had all the answers but no one ever bothered to ask them or seek out their meaning? Prayer is important because it connects us with our Creator. It gives us hope and makes us feel like there are people who care about us. Faith in God can help heal broken hearts, rebuild relationships, give purpose, and make life worth living again. So please don’t stop believing; don’t lose faith!

Jesus believed prayer worked

John MacArthur – American Pastor

Jesus believed in God when he prayed. Jesus knew that God would hear him and answer his prayers, but he also trusted that the Father was doing something to bring about the answer.

The Bible is clear that Jesus, the Son of God, was always obedient to his heavenly Father’s will. He lived a sinless life and never did anything wrong. When Jesus taught people how to pray, he said “Our Father who art in heaven,” which means that he believed that praying to God was important to followers then, and it is still important to followers today.

Would Jesus teach his followers to pray if he knew it wasn’t effective? What did Jesus pray for or about when he was on earth? And what does his prayer tell us about his character and beliefs?

In the Gospel of John, chapter 17, it says “Father, I am leaving the world and going to you.” This prayer is said after Jesus has been betrayed by Judas. Scholars believe that these words show how much Jesus loved the Father and wanted to be in his presence at all times. The Bible shows us that Jesus believed prayer drew him closer to the Father!

A personal story of how prayer helped me in my life

I can tell you that my life has been so much better when I make the time to pray. There are many prayers which have been answered in ways I would never have thought to ask for.

Keeping a prayer journal and praying daily have helped me to see just how effective prayer is.

Does prayer work? I would say it absolutely does. I think at times God waits to move until we ask for His help. Knowing this causes me to want to pray more often.

Has prayer worked for you? Have you been praying for something but you feel like your prayers are falling on deaf ears? Leave me a note below and let me know!

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