June 6, 2020 8:27 pm

Trey Murray

I am the one that He chooses to find
Lost again, reeling. I'm blind
Consumed by giving my all to the grind
I leave my relationship with Him behind

The signs are all there, as my love turns to hate
My anger, it builds. My nerves, they grate
I remember Your son, His blood wiped the slate
My fear it subsides, as my ego deflates

Once again, Jesus has saved
His beloved on, for His life he gave
For His life forged and it did pave
The path for me to flee the grave

I look and see, as He leads me back
To the ninety-nine, I'm back on track
Once again, He took the flack
Because of Him, I will not lack

I'm called to live a life so free
While at times I choose slavery
My savior comes and rescues me
An opportunity from sin to flee!

Parable of the Lost Sheep

The inspiration for this piece can be found in Matthew 18:12-14.

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