January 24, 2021 3:33 am

Trey Murray

I ran from the calling
Ducked and dodged
Continuously falling
Complaints I lodged

Calling me forth
Again and again
God saw my worth
Not what I’d been

I lacked the skill
And began to despair
Weak was my will
Life seemed unfair

God was my courage
Jesus my strength
Holy spirit encouraged
Faith at such length

Trembling I rose
When called my name
Sin to expose
Jesus to fame

In front I stood
Reading my note
Message of good
Scripture I quote

Silence descends
As I pray us out
The service ends
Amen some shout

I will be there
When he bids me obey
My life laid bare
For my hope and my stay!

About the Author

Welcome! I'm Trey Murray, and I'm on a mission to help you see the amazing life God wants you to have when you surrender to him. The Only Bible was created to help new and less mature Christians build a deeper relationship with Christ by creating a firm foundation through Bible study, prayer, and spiritual growth.

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