David Leonard's The Wait

Is David Leonard’s Debut Solo Album Worth The Wait?

The Wait Is Worth It As David Leonard’s First Solo Album Searches The Soul

David Leonard's The Wait

The Wait is worth it

I first met David Leonard in college. He was actually still a high school student and I was attending college in Arkansas. His dad, Rob Leonard, was actually the campus minister at the college ministry I attended.

David would come play guitar for worship there as we would sing the latest worship songs in praise before his father would hit me between the eyes with another message I needed to hear. 

I could tell even then that his love for music had been well imparted by Rob, who was also the music minister at Pauline Baptist Church there in Monticello. I remember being super impressed with his talent, but never dreamed he would one day produce music like The Wait.

Sure, I knew he’d be involved in music. I even believed he’d be playing Christian music. I just thought he would follow in his father’s footsteps. I envisioned him a music minister in a local church, leading others in worship on Sunday mornings.

Little did I know, he’d aspire to so much more. As part of All Sons And Daughters, his music has lead at least one congregation many Sunday mornings. Our congregation is quite fond of singing ‘Oh, How I Need You’.

I could tell that this solo album, The Wait, was different though. The videos he posted on Facebook told me all I needed to know about this upcoming piece. It was a journey for David, and it would leave him searching his very soul.

He confesses in Wanderer that he is a prodigal. He voices his awakening in The Little That I Know that he does not know God, but he knows God is good gives the listener a front row seat to the epic journey David embarks on.

The Wait is an emotional rollercoaster

A rollercoaster of uptempo songs and introspective melodies caused me to search my own soul. The vastness of God contrasted with the narrow view I am capable of shines a light on the joy of the Lord and casts shadows on the sins I have committed.

Then one piece in the middle of The Wait caught my ear and took hold. There’s Nobody called to my senses as David sings of Jesus’ greatness and begs to know Him more.

This brought to mind another David who was a man after God’s own heart. A wonderful parallel that made The Wait all the more special to experience.

A reminder to get rid of the past, to let it fade. I’m not who I once was. While I should never forget my past, It is time to move forward and live this new life God has given me. The uplifting chorus once again raises my spirits, encouraging me to move forward.

The next song that caught my attention, Threads, mirrored my pleas to God. Pull the threads, I’m ready to fall apart, it’s in Your hands now.

It has been a freeing sensation to know that I am not in control. I am of course responsible for my actions, and in control of my reactions, but I can’t control my circumstances. God is in complete control of my life, but I have to let go to enjoy the benefit of that revelation.

Promotional videos for The Wait

The real magic of The Wait was the videos. To see David is to see a reflection of his father, Rob. The irony is not lost on me that this is another parallel to a Biblical reference.

No, this was not an intentional reference, but it is a relevant one. Knowing Rob while I was in college, he was a free-spirited man whose love for God and the students he ministered to was illuminating.

Everyone on campus wanted to hang out with Rob, and we all learned something in the time we spent with him.

David’s videos are a bit more subdued than I remember Rob being. But it’s the searching for God, the long and wearisome journeys that remind me of how tired I would see Rob get, while never stopping his work with the students.

The Wait is not exactly the kind of album I usually listen to. Knowing it was put out by David along with the promotional videos had me listening to it in its entirety.

The Final Word On The Wait

All in all, The Wait feels like a journey home. A trek back for the prodigal mentioned in Wanderer. A realization that we don’t really have it that bad after all, and that placing our focus on God and our faith in Jesus is all that is required of us.

I enjoyed every minute of that journey as the realization that The Wait is over. God is calling us home, and all we have to do is surrender our will to Him. He loves us and wants us just as we are.

Go listen to The Wait, and find your way back. The best part of the story is when The Prodigal returns. Come on back, our father has a feast prepared and a party waiting to celebrate your return! 

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