added to Bible Gateway Blogger Grid and Feedspot Added To Bible Gateway Blogger Grid and Feedspot’s Top 15 Christian Blogs & Websites

It was a complete shock when I got the email that was added to the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. It was even more surprising when a writer from Feedspot’s Top 15 Christian Blogs & Websites told me I made their list. 

I can’t tell you how honored I am that both of these sites chose to list this website in their lists.

When I first started writing my thoughts here, I never dreamed I would get even one link. I’d heard that to be successful at writing online, I needed to be listed in directories. I thought, “I’ll never get listed”, but I went ahead and submitted the site.

Shining The Light For The World Wide Web

The purpose of this website has always been to shine a light of faith, hope, and love for the world. Without God, none of this is possible. With no links, this site has no reach.

Bible Gateway is the premiere site for online bible reading, and my primary resource when writing my studies. For the past few years (even predating most of the articles on this site) I have been using Bible Gateway to study the bible.

Being asked to join the Blogger Grid was a great honor and an amazing opportunity. I place links on every scripture back to their site so that readers can easily read the verse in context, and so that they may be introduced to this wonderful online resource.

Sharing Our Faith With Others

I stumbled across Feedspot’s Top 15 Christian Blogs & Websites by looking for ideas for new articles to write. When I noticed that there was a way to submit my site for this list, I figured why not?

The other sites here are very well written and contain quite a bit of insight. Overall, I was quite impressed with the list.

Within a few days, Anuj Agarwal sent me an email letting me know that I was added to the list of Feedspot’s Top 15 Christian Blogs. I was deeply humbled.

Excited For The Future of Online Ministry

These two additions have me excited for the future of online ministry. I have been given many topics which I am ready and equipped to discuss.

I wasn’t sure what God had in store for me when he pushed me to lead the small group at our church. What’s more, I was unsure of what he wanted me to do when I felt led to build this website.

He has provided everything I need to reach a whole new field for harvest. Between websites, forums, social media outlets, and email ministry, I have more than I could possibly reach in a lifetime. Thanks to the Father, I only have to let the Holy Spirit do its job!

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