Why prayer is important: 8 reasons to pray to God daily

8 Reasons why prayer is important for Christians

Why should we pray? What is the purpose of prayer? Isn’t it just talking to yourself?

Prayer is one of three ways a Christian can know God. The first is through reading the Bible. The second is through the Holy Spirit which we receive when we are saved. The third is through prayer to God through Jesus Christ.

Why is it important to pray?

Does prayer work? Woman earnestly praying in church

1. Prayer is important because it’s how we talk to God

Christians have the unique ability to talk to our creator. This communication is the foundation we need to build a relationship with God. When we p ray daily, it proves our love for Him.

Any relationship requires communication, and our bond with the creator of the universe is no different. To understand God’s will, we need to seek His wisdom, and His good, perfect, and powerful ways through our prayers.

God will hear our prayers and draw close to us. We can share our fear, victories, and personal issues with Him without fear of ridicule or rejection.

2. Prayer is important because it helps us search our heart

Very rarely does a person truly delve into their heart. When we do, it usually comes as a result of keeping a journal or visiting a counselor who can guide us to answers to questions we are asking.

God is called the wonderful counselor. When we give Him the time he will guide us to any answer we seek. David says throughout the book of Psalm “Search my heart, O Lord”.

Open your heart to God and see if he won’t help you discover who you truly are, or who He created you to be.

Praying daily can help you through many issues

3. Prayer is important because it’s how we make our requests known

Many members of my small group have declined to offer any requests to God, and some say that it’s because they don’t want to trouble God or others with their small requests.

The truth is if you can’t trust God with your small requests, you certainly won’t give Him control of your big ones!

Get into the practice of giving God all your cares, not just the part you think you can’t handle. Pray to give God all your cares and concerns.

4. Prayer is important because it’s how we give thanksgiving

Most Christians remember God when they’re in trouble. It’s easy to call out to God when we have no other choice.

It’s much harder to take time to give God glory and thanks when he has richly blessed us. Human nature dictates that we take credit for good and pass blame for bad.

The best show of faith is what you do no matter what your circumstance. Do you talk to God in good times and bad?

Praying every day can help you stay close to God

5. Prayer is important because it’s how we repent of our sin

The journey to Christ begins with a prayer. It’s how we accept Christ’s calls on our hearts. It’s how we repent of our sin, and it is how we receive God’s grace.

When we pray, we seek forgiveness and make a commitment to not sin again. This process makes us new every day.

Praying for God’s power to change us is how we are able to work in this process to make us new.

6. Prayer is important because it’s how we forgive others

We don’t just seek forgiveness when we pray. We also learn how to forgive others. Our ability to forgive flows from God’s willingness to forgive us first.

This process is perpetual. The more grace we receive from God, the more it should extend to those around us.

When we ask God to help us forgive others, we grow and abound in that grace.

Praying in public for one another

7. Prayer is important because it’s where we find God’s strength

Forgiveness isn’t the only strength God gives us when we pray. He also grants us strength in other areas of life, including patience, joy, contentedness, perseverance, and many other godly traits.

When we seek God’s strength in life, he is faithful to grant it to us. Then, by displaying these strengths we display our faith for the world to see.

It is through prayer that we show unbelievers the hope that lives within us.

8. Prayer is important because it’s a sin not to pray

Not praying is a sin according to Samuel (1 Samuel 12:23-25), the prophet who anointed Saul and foretold of David’s kingship. He doesn’t just say he’ll pray for the people, he says he will not sin against the Lord by ceasing to pray…

Have you ever looked at skipping prayer as a sin? Perhaps if we did, we would take it as seriously as Samuel did.

A Call to Prayer

My prayer for you today is that you begin faithfully praying to God daily. Not only will it strengthen your relationship with God, it will help you know and understand yourself. As you do, you may find yourself changing and becoming more like Christ Himself.

I encourage you to create a regular time to set aside in prayer. If you are serious about following Christ, there really isn’t an alternative to praying.

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